Experience Kino.

We are financing
Films Differently.

We make it possible for anyone to invest in & experience Hollywood movies - while protecting the rights of the creators.


We finance films in a way that makes our industry more equitable, gives artists and filmmakers proper compensation for their work, and ensures a higher portion of the profits all while working with the big distributors that you know/love.


Own physical and digital art pieces, ranging from concept sketches, autographed storyboards, or even a prop from the movie.


Get passes to exclusive experiences (i.e. invite-only parties, red-carpet screenings with cast and crew, and other private events)


Purchase shares in a film project. The more you own, the more you have the potential to earn.


The Kino community champions stories of all shapes and sizes. Members get exclusive access to behind the scenes footage, movie sneak peeks, and invites to special events and experiences (including set visits).

For the first time ever, you can take part in the filmmaking process.

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